Thursday, December 29, 2011

First Color Ready to Proof

I had some time to start carving the latest bottle cap project.

 Carving the first color was rather simple yet not without error. I recently acquired a new tool that makes these huge macaronis and I'm still getting used to how it handles as you can see below.

Oops. It works wonderfully for large areas of clean up work but using it to clear uncut material is a bit difficult.

Printing the first color to come soon.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Some Updates

So I went a little crazy printing a bunch of things recently and here's the run down:

For the final color on the bookmark lesson I added a yellow-orange:

"Shop-cat" Crosby decided to show his appreciation by sitting on one; can you tell? I liked the way these turned out, especially on the right reading side. I'll definitely continue to explore printing techniques and ink characteristics with these blocks!

The latest Magpie was proofed as well:

I'm pleased with how it turned out but I will be making some changes to the block prior to printing a run.

I have some new ideas for the Humulus Lupulus block and will be experimenting with papers and colors.

Thanks for lurking and stay tuned.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Some Progress

Printing time is at a premium these days. So I'm trying to fit in some quick prints when I can. The bookmarks are proving to be perfect blocks to make some quick prints and experiment with.

Here is the continuation from the previous mistake lesson. I'm trying to experiment with overprinting, color combinations and inking different areas of the block.

 The back is not quite finished. I'm planning on adding one more color to try and cover the areas that currently are not inked; perhaps a yellow to brighten it up.

In other project news, the Magpie project is getting the next block carved.

The bottle cap project has been mounted to a base and carving will commence shortly!

Photos of those and more to come!