Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Some Lessons Learned

I recently found out about McClain's sale section of their website with many options of odd sized linoleum! A great way to use up those odd sized scraps of leftover paper, I thought. So, I ordered up a plethora of odd sized linoleum.

Upon receipt and opening the well packed box, I inspected the linoleum and thought "hey, this is nice stuff!" and got to work straight away on a simple design sketching it out right on the linoleum, no computer involved here. I was just going for it. It seemed like I could immediately notice a difference in how easily it was to work with. I easily got into a groove when carving. After finishing up rather quickly (it was just a small side project, anyway), I thought I'd pull a couple proofs just to see what needed to be adjusted or cleaned up prior to printing the run. Before I even entered the "shop", picked colors or rolled out any ink, I noticed ...
 Yep, it's backwards to print properly. Uug. What to do, what to do...I know! Print it onto another block and it will be backwards reading and when carved, print properly!

Yes, that worked! So, I think this will turn into a two sided project; one side right reading, one side wrong reading.

Prints to come.

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