Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Project Updates!

Yes, finally some updates on a few projects! It seems I always have a couple projects in various states of progress.
First off, more birthday card backgrounds printed up and awaiting the second color:

The second colors have been printed but I don't have photos yet.

More importantly, some progress on the second bottle cap project has been made:

I employed a spot inking technique for most, just inking and printing the edge of the cap. We'll see how this affects the final color.
I also printed one covering the entire block with the second color:

I did do some color experimentation prior to commencing with this project with some varying results, so we'll see how the final color will come out.
Also, I've finished carving the block for the third and final color. Photos to come!

Finally, I'm resurrecting an older block for use on a new and different medium:

More updates and pictures to come on this project and more...stay tuned.

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