Saturday, October 1, 2011

First Bottle Cap Finished

I finally had a chance to finish the first in the bottle cap series(?) project! This felt like a long time in the making but came out decent. We had and are still having a good amount of rain and humidity which, I think, played a roll in the registration.  Some are better than others but the mis-registration kind of gives it a pop-art feel.

Overall, I'm pleased and will continue with the next couple in the lineup/series(?).

One thing I'll probably change will be mounting the linoleum to a backing board to help registration and eliminate any changes in the linoleum itself but the paper is harder to predict how it will react to the changes in weather and humidity.

There are eleven total in the print run. Two color reduction (purple/silver), 12.5x12.5".
Cheers! Thanks for looking!

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